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About RC Racing Pro

About - About RC Racing PRO



We believe man made marvel.

Travelling the route of RC model for over 30 years, we had successfully created unbeatable elements for RC fans.

Step by step, we listen; we amend; we create things that even better for our valued customer.


Our undefeatable mission:


Professional consultation for RC.Over 30 years of RC racing, we are pleased to provide warmest suggestion for your option.


We care, because we know people depend on us.Try once, or maybe twice. Feel the sincerity from each of us, it’s addictive.Or maybe some problem you’ve spotted out, tell us, be a part of us. Let us be a better one.


We race RC too!

We are the same enthusiastic player just like you. We know what you need; We understand how you feel. We are in the same circle of life that having same spiritual supplement.


At last, we all wish you a pleasurable moment in here.


Racing RC,

Racing PRO!