Kyosho 1/10 Turbo Optima 4WD Buggy Kit EP

Kyosho 1/10 Turbo Optima 4WD Buggy Kit EP
  • Kyosho 1/10 Turbo Optima 4WD Buggy Kit EP
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    6000.00 Gram
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Kyosho 1/10 Turbo Optima 4WD Buggy Kit EP #30619




After the dynamic impact of the Optima was felt across the R/C racing scene, the Turbo Optima launched in 1986 as the strongest machine in the series. Until now. In addition to large diameter tires, large capacity pressure shocks, front & rear stabilizers and Le Mans 240S motor, the immortal Turbo Optima has modernized for 8.4V power and makes its debut as the 7th model of the vintage series. Key components of the Turbo Optima chassis have been redesigned to meet the demands of modern racing conditions and power sources, and share DNA with the Optima and Javelin. The new Turbo Optima is not simply a reproduction of the original and includes gold anodized parts that were optional upgrades on the original, gold shocks with dial adjustment of chassis height and new modern block pattern tires. Higher specs and design features deliver modern performance standards and visual impact that captures the magic of the original.


  • While a faithful reproduction the original Turbo Optima, each key performance component has been revised for compatibility with modern power sources.
  • 4WD belt drive. Pulley for chain is also included in the kit so purchase of an optional chain can change the drive system.
  • Equipped with FRP radio plate that is compatible with major brand ESC’s (speed controllers).
  • Three toe angle settings ( 0°, 1°, 2°) can be used by inserting resin bushes into the rear hub carrier.
  • Modernized aluminum hexagon wheel hubs can be securely fixed with set screws.
  • Equipped with metal counter gear.
  • Full ball bearing specifications (18 bearings).
  • Includes separate helmet and polycarbonate body.
  • Battery stays are compatible with various modern batteries and secured with hook and loop fasteners (battery strap with KYOSHO logo) for easy removal of battery.
  • Hex screws used for assembly provide secure construction.


  • Length: 395mm
  • Width: 244mm
  • Height: 120mm
  • Wheelbase: 260mm
  • Front Tread: 208mm
  • Rear Tread: 208mm
  • Weight: 1,600g (approx.)
  • Tires (F/R): φ82×36mm
  • Motor: 540 class size (sold separately)
  • Gear ratio: 9.24 : 1


  • Kit chassis
  • Decals
  • L-shaped hexagon wrench
  • Cross wrench
  • Shock wrench
  • Shock oil
  • Grease


  • 2 channel R/C system (servo x 1, ESC x 1)
  • 540 motor (27T-20T recommended)
  • Brushless motor specifications: Le Mans 240S Brushless motor 19.5T, Le Mans 240S ESC (60A/MAX 13.5 turn)
  • Brushed motor specifications: No.37021 Le Mans brushed motor 30T, KA060-91W ESC
  • Battery (7.2V Nickel Hydrogen battery or 7.4V Li-Po battery)
  • Battery charger (DC 12V regulated power supply)
  • Paint tools for body painting
  • Batteries for transmitter
  • Tools (1.5/2.0/3.0mm hex wrench screwdriver, needle nose pliers, curved scissors, cutter. When replacing servo horn Phillips screwdriver may be required)

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