Tamiya 1/25 R/C German Tank Panther Ausf.A (w/Control Unit) 56605

Tamiya 1/25 R/C German Tank Panther Ausf.A (w/Control Unit) 56605
  • Tamiya 1/25 R/C German Tank Panther Ausf.A (w/Control Unit) 56605
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R/C Tank Series

1/25 R/C German Tank Panther Ausf.A (w/Control Unit)
Item No: 56605

Item image
Length: 351mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

★The fearsome Panther operated by German forces in WWII, is now available as a 1/25 scale R/C model kit! ★Faithful depiction of the tank form recreates the sloped hull armor, 75mm gun-toting turret and more. ★Gearbox features twin Type 130 motors to enable a range of turns and pivots, plus different model speeds. ★Features a dedicated transmitter (image to the right) and receiver/motor control unit. ★Requires four R6/AA/UM3 and four R03/AAA/UM4 batteries (sold separately).

Freely manipulate German masterpiece tank

It is a 1/25 scale electric radio control tank assembly kit that reproduces the Panther called the best tank during World War II, it is commercialized as a remote control tank in 1967, sold as RC in 1999, as a display model in 2013 I added the 2.4 GHz transceiver to the item and reprinted it. Reproduce plenty of fearless appearance such as a car body composed of tilted armor and a turret with 75 mm gun barrel. We mounted a gearbox equipped with two dedicated 130 type motors on the front of the car body. By adopting the RC mechanism of the digital proportional system, it is possible to control smoothly from a very low speed to a full speed by the operation of the left side stick, from a gentle turning to a super swing turn. In addition, the realistic connected track type has been assembled. In addition to the German army belonging cars, the marking set a free French army belonging car.


About German tank Panther A

This is the Panther that is said to be the most excellent tank by combining all aspects such as attack power, defense power and mobility among the German tanks during World War II.Soviet tanks such as T34, KV-1 A new main tank with performance exceeding the capability began to be developed from the beginning of 1942. The main gun was equipped with a long gun barrel 70 diameter 75 mm gun and the car body adopted a slanting armor greatly to increase weight and increase defense power The engine was equipped with the Maibach HL 230, 700 horsepower output, the maximum speed was 55 km / h, and also had a light mobility.The Panther production volume was reduced to the No. IV tank in the German tank The second largest number of about 6,000 was recorded and it was active as a main tank of the latter half of the war.A type is the type which started production from the summer of 1943, with improvement to the first D type.


Basic specifications

Total length 351 mm

Width 135 mm

With transmitter

With 2 motors

Required items: 8 x AA batteries, paint and tools.